Two editions already sold; still in February we will offer again the third edition of the 160 sides work of our partner Christof Scholze. The E-Book will be published here on this Blog and with Amazon.

There are many ways to an improved Standing in the global competition. Much too often they end, after all, in a cost oriented and productiveness-rising restructuring or the admission of capital on the financial market

This book shows another, besides more socially acceptable way to a substantially improved enterprise condition: Strengthening of the enterprise by increase of its financial power. And besides the improvement of the finance numbers for another financing round on the capital markets. The chance for an external financing rises substantially.

The aim is a strong cash flow push connected with a substantial liquidity improvement on a continuing basis. Why priority comes up to this aim, how it can be reached, this is described by the author in detail and, nevertheless, easy-understandably.
The structural politics and financial policy of every enterprise receives a logical perspective pragmatic in addition. Everything what the author shows and recommends is based on own experiences. An unusual book – from practical people for the enterprise practice.

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